Get Safe!



With cycling fast becoming the ‘go to’ social activity for families as well as the chosen way of commuting for many professionals, our roads are seeing more new and perhaps less savvy cyclists than ever. Whilst most of us lay claim to being able to ride a bike well enough, there’s a side to all this that is often secondary or often an after thought – Safety.


OK so it’s hardly the sexy side the the activity/sport, but safety is something we should all take seriously whether you’re a seasoned hobbyist or just someone who happens to use a bike regularly for convenience. Cycling, your bike and your-self really need to be approached with safety in mind.


So where do you start?


Well to help out, Simpson Millar, a major UK law firm have come up with a quick guide to making sure you’re as safety concious as can be. This great little guide is aimed more towards those newer to cycling but a quick check up and reminder for all never hurt.


Check out there helpful guide by clicking here and even if you’re all set, perhaps forward it on to someone you know who is just starting out.